How Much Do Online Reviews Matter?

February 15

Online reviews of businesses have been around for a few years now, and they are only getting more important.  A recent study asked 3,600 consumers in the US and Canada 14 questions about online reviews, word of mouth, and general use of the Internet to find local businesses.  The results are striking: -“85% of consumers […]

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Doing Copyright… Right

January 30

Small businesses are common offenders when it comes to violating copyright laws.  Just this week I received an email from a local business featuring images that still held the copyright watermark from the stock photography site (clearly they had not paid for the images). Finding photos to use on websites and social media can be challenging […]

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Adwords 101: What are the different types of Google Adwords?

August 30

When Adwords launched in 2000, there were only text ads above and to the side of Google’s search results. While those text ads are still available, there are now many different types of ads available for businesses of all types and sizes.  Here’s a brief introduction to the various options Google has to offer. Search Search ads […]

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Television Advertising is Alive and Well

June 30

Marketers love to declare things dead. We see “SEO IS DEAD” proclaimed weekly.  Even Forbes recently got on the bandwagon declaring traditional live TV dead. While we here at Primm are big fans of web and digital marketing in all its forms, we believe in investing in the right platform for the client. And often […]

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Adwords 101: What are the different types of Google Adwords?

February 26

When Adwords launched in 2000, there were only text ads above and to the side of Google’s search results. While those text ads are still available, there are now many different types of ads available for businesses of all types and sizes. Here’s a brief introduction to the various options Google has to offer.

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Summer in Norfolk: First Fridays on Granby Street!

July 3

Happy Independence Day!  If you’ve yet to make plans for Friday night, look no further. This Friday, July 5, marks the first  First Fridays Granby Street Party. The first Friday of every month, from July to October, people of all ages are invited to get down on Granby Street to enjoy live music, great food, […]

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Five E-Commerce Tips For Small Businesses

June 14

Every day your business relies on sales transactions to keep the “open” sign on the door and the company mission afloat. When you sell your products from a brick and mortar location, these transactions are person-to-person. You control the logistics of the sale in terms of pricing, discounts and product delivery, and make sure the […]

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Branding Disasters: What We Can Learn From JCPenney

May 10

“I believe in trusting men, not only once but twice…in giving failure another chance.” – James Cash Penney Based on his quote above, it’s safe to say that the founder and namesake of the ailing department store JCPenney would support newly reinstated CEO Mike Ullman’s second chance at leading the store back to a semblance […]

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Radio and Millenials Are a Great Match. Here’s why.

May 3

Generation Y, Generation Me, Millenials…whatever you choose to call them, the 18-34 demographic is probably a part, if not the focus, of your target market. But despite their purchasing power, they can be difficult to reach meaningfully. Why? One of the reasons is that Millenials are more suspicious of advertising than their baby boomer parents […]

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The Greatest Advertising Opportunity Since The Invention of Cereal

April 12

Is your brand message working for you or is it working against you? To answer that question, take a moment to step back and step in the shoes of your potential customer. In the above clip from the popular AMC television show Madmen, we find Don Draper making an ad pitch to the decision makers […]

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The Power of Broadcast Media

April 4

The advent of Internet marketing, social media and instant streaming of music and video has caused some people to question the relevance of traditional broadcast marketing via radio and television. Is it still effective or are companies who choose to advertise on radio and TV speaking to an empty room? Read on. Recently, a client […]

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Facebook Graph Search: Optimizing Your Business Page

March 14

Have you ever wanted to be able to filter and find your Facebook friends who, say, live within 10 miles of you and enjoy rock climbing? No? Well, by golly, Facebook wants to give you the opportunity anyway with its new Graph Search feature. The ever-changing social network intends to update its search algorithm by […]

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The Anatomy of a Blog Post

March 7

Content, content, content. You hear all the time that good content is the backbone of your business’s online marketing strategy and that the company blog is an important part of the content-creation process. If you are new to blogging, especially in the B2B realm, figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. What does a […]

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Email Marketing Tips | Stand Out From The Crowd

February 28

In our meeting this morning, the Primm team got to talking about the benefits and pitfalls of email marketing in this day and age.  A few of us feel overwhelmed by the number of promotional emails we receive every day, while others (probably the ones with better spam filters) find most of the emails less […]

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Direct Mail…Does It Still Make Sense?

November 16

Is direct mail still relevant?  That’s a question  many marketers and businesses want (and need) to know as they try to allocate money to the channels that provide the best boost to their ROI.  A few months ago we asked the same question about the modern merits of print media in general (you can read […]

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Don’t Let Smartphones Make You Look Bad: Improving Your Mobile Site

November 7

Get this: According to CNN, the number of wireless devices in the U.S. now exceeds the number of people living here (source). Half of the American population owns a smartphone, and tablet-use increases steadily as the product becomes a more standard and less expensive market offering.  These days, many people have even given up their […]

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New Ecommerce Website Launch – STAY! Furniture Grippers

November 2

We’re pleased to highlight a recent project, STAY! Furniture Grippers, a furniture pad that prevents furniture from sliding and protects hardwood and other hard surface floors.  The new site is built on the popular and effective 3dcart system, and allows the client to easily manage their content and online sales. Google analytics provides data on […]

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Are You Afraid of Advertising?

October 30

Advertising can be a scary business. Click the link below to have our Master of Scaramonies write a spooktacular marketing message just for you!  

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Branding a Lifestyle with Social Media

October 11

What do you get when you combine a pop punk band on a two-month long tour, delicious organic cheddar snacks, and Twitter? An awesome example of the right way to use social media, that’s what. Earlier this week, a member of a band called On My Honor tweeted, “One van. Nine dudes. Two ladies. Infinite […]

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Let’s Get Visual

September 20

A company interested in keeping its online marketing strategy ahead of the curve must focus on integrating creative visual content into its marketing arsenal.

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Print Advertising. Alive and Well.

September 6

Print advertising executed the right way offers a number of great advantages over solely Internet-based marketing.

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E-Commerce Done Well

August 27

If you’d like a quality e-commerce solution for your company, call The Primm Company at 757-623-6234.

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No Solicitation: Encouraging Honest Reviews

August 13

Instead of blatantly soliciting online reviews, tastefully promote awareness of the review platforms.

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Mobile SEO/Compatibility and Your Company

July 18

Search Engine Optimization is just as important for mobile sites as it is for regular sites.

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Google+ Local

June 11

Google recently switched over 80 million business listings from Google Places to Google+ Local. It’s an integration of Google maps, Google Places, Google+ and Zagat reviews. The change is an effort to make Google maps a more social experience. Let’s face it: We often turn to people and resources to help us make decisions—especially when […]

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Pinching Pennies on Your Web Site Will Cost You

June 4

Why would any business want to stop spending money on one of their most important forms of advertising?

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Advertising: Conception, Not Deception

May 25

What happens when a company makes false claims?

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Effort: The Secret to Branding Success

May 10

Branding isn’t just for multi-billion dollar companies. Any company can set themselves up for branding success; it just takes a little effort.

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Television Still Makes an Impact.

May 3

If you are interested in advertising on television, The Primm Company will help you from concept to production to media scheduling.

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“Creative” Shouldn’t Mean “Risky”

April 26

Companies need to stand out in order to gain attention, but there’s a difference between standing out creatively and simply standing out without thinking.

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Facebook Timeline Increases Interactions on Brand Pages

April 17

Facebook, the world’s biggest social networking site, recently made the “Timeline” platform mandatory for all brand pages. Some people are skeptical of the change, but in this case, change is good.

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Going Viral

April 3

Grabbing your audience’s attention is key when trying to get your video to spread throughout the web. Nobody wants to watch something boring.

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Radio Has Reach.

March 26

When advertising on the radio, it is important to grab your audience’s attention quickly and get them to remember your message. A carefully crafted message with clear calls to action will make all the difference.

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Maintaining a Proper Business Listing

February 1

Your anchor identity is your business listing—usually consisting of your business name, address and phone number (NAP).

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The Connected Consumer

January 17

Equation Research recently conducted a survey for Zmags of 1,500 consumers who own a computer, tablet and/or smartphone. More than half of connected shoppers are women in their 40s.

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Facebook Allows Pages and Fans to Talk in Private.

December 20

Facebook has just announced a new feature: Private Messages for Pages.

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Pay Per Click Advertising with Landing Page

October 25

You can dramatically increase your leads and customer purchases by sending PPC traffic to a dedicated landing page.

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Creating a Brand Identity for Mission Mobility

September 14

The Primm Company believes a brand identity is more than just a font and shapes. Branding encompasses virtually everything a company does: how it sees itself, what it communicates, and how it is presented to the public.

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AdWords Express Limitations

August 16

Here are a few things wrong with the AdWords Express platform, many of which will cost you extra money.

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The Many Varieties of Facebook Ads

August 5

Here are the 10 different types of Facebook ads available to marketers today.

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Converting Happy Customers to Brand Evangelists

July 27

The best advertisement is a happy customer. A really happy, appreciated, impressed customer. If you have one of these (and I’m sure you do), don’t let them forget how much they love you. The clients who keep coming back and have a high level of satisfaction are often the greatest evangelists for your brand. Make […]

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Google +

July 21

Google+ is a social network, with a “steam” that operates very similarly to the Facebook News Feed. Users can share messages, pictures, videos, links, and their location with friends.

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Your Customers Are Mobile, Are You?

July 15

Be sure to reach your audience where they are – mobile versions of web sites often need to be different to maximize the benefit of the devices, and accommodate smaller screens.

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Grant Money for Your Web Site

June 10

The city of Hampton has an e-commerce grant program designed to assist Hampton businesses in retaining and growing employment and business profitability.

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“Hey Kids, This is Advertising.”

May 25

orporate Accountability International (CAI) partially blames Ronald McDonald for the continuing rise of childhood obesity levels.

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The Demographics of Social Media

May 20

The following chart is Ad Age’s breakdown of the demographics of social media.

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Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones…But Words Can Hurt Your Reputation.

May 12

It’s important to listen to what your consumers are saying, and to respond accordingly. Let the customer know, and everyone else viewing the comment, that their message is important to you.

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Build Your Brand with Facebook Ads

May 5

Facebook is a terrific platform for branding to a specific audience. Ads can be targeted based on demographic information available in user’s profiles, including location, age, gender, marital status, interest, groups, work places, etc.

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Embrace Advertising in Every Form

April 20

Getting your message to stand out in the crowd is about picking the right media for your audience and your goals.

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How to Rank Well in Google Places

March 31

The top ten factors that determine your Google Places ranking.

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Page Load Time Significantly Impacts Conversion Rates

March 3

Small delays dramatically affect a site’s conversion rates.

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Google Love

February 15

If you want to get your site to the top of the organic listings and finally gain Google’s love and respect, it’s important that you understand something: It’s not easy. Google is no floozy.

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Stop Denying It. Social Media is Here to Stay.

February 1

A recent Nielson study reveals social networks and blogs are globally the most popular online category when ranked by average time spent on the Internet.

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Is Your Web Site Your Worst Employee?

January 25

Your web site is working for you 24×7 – make sure it’s communicating the right messages, the right way.

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The A,B,Cs of PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)

January 18

PPC on Google (Google AdWords) is very important, because it can get you on the first page of the results very quickly, even if you just launched your website.

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What if Your Customers Carried Your Brand to Market?

January 14

Do your products or services have unique appeal? Are your customers promoting your brand? If not, why not?

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