The Connected Consumer

Equation Research recently conducted a survey for Zmags of 1,500 consumers who own a computer, tablet and/or smartphone.

You may be surprised to learn that the connected shopper isn’t a young person who can’t breathe without their cell phone. The survey reveals that more than half of connected shoppers are women in their 40s.

In addition to owning a PC or laptop, 43% of online shoppers own smart phones and 16% own tablets. Yet the least preferred shopping device is the phone in most retail categories, with the exception of music and jewelry. (You read that last part right; 24% of online consumers prefer using their smart phones to purchase jewelry.) When it comes to electronics, the most highly preferred shopping device was the tablet, which speaks to the tech-savvy shoppers who are always looking for the next big thing.

Connected consumers described themselves as very social and lovers of shopping. Social networking is a big thing for them, with 81% saying they’re active on Facebook.

The survey also suggests that the connected consumer isn’t attracted to the use of mobile apps for shopping. Cynthia Borris, writer for “Marketing Pilgrim,” reasons in a recent article that this may be due to the lack of shopping apps available.

Here’s the full infographic from Zmags. Click the thumbnail image to see the full-size version.

Sources: Zmags, MarketingPilgrim

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