Radio Has Reach.

Radio to and from work.
Radio at work.
Radio at home.
Radio in the garage.
Radio during car trips.
Radio at the gym.
Radio at cook outs.
Radio alarm clocks.

…Do you see where this is going? Radio is a popular media outlet. In fact, according to the Radio Advertising Bureau, radio reaches over 90 percent of adults in a week. Considering the fact that people spend a vast majority of their time in cars with the radio on makes that 90 percent figure seem quite plausible.

Radio is a great tool for companies trying to advertise to a specific target market. Radio ads can target a specific demographic based on age, location, interests and more.

When advertising on the radio, it is important to grab your audience’s attention quickly and get them to remember your message, because radio listeners are often driving and unable to take notes. A carefully crafted message with clear calls to action will make all the difference.

The good commercials make listeners feel as though they are participating in a conversation, thus creating a very personal touch to the message.

Radio is a great form of advertising, especially when seeking to build your brand awareness. It’s even better when coupled with other forms of advertising such as television or social media. If you would like more brand awareness/recognition, give The Primm Company a call.

Source: Radio Advertising Bureau

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