The Demographics of Social Media

Ad Age recently examined the demographics of social media (displayed below).  There is some great information here, helpful in developing your social media strategy.

The first section compares the population of specific social media platforms to the total population of the United States. Notice how close Facebook is to the outer rim. (It’s taking over!)

It surprises me that MySpace is used by more people than LinkedIn; I don’t hear much about MySpace these days. Perhaps the numbers reflect the total number of accounts, whether they still experience activity or not. MySpace came before Facebook, after all…it was all we had for a while. If that’s the case, I’m impressed with LinkedIn’s increasing popularity.

The female/male comparison of Facebook interests/characteristics is intriguing. Looking at this chart leads me to believe that (1) Women more often take the time to list their interests and characteristics, and (2) More women are on Facebook. (According to a study by KissMetrics, it’s not that big of a gap: 54% of Facebook users are Female.)

With these numbers in mind, are you using Facebook the right way for your business or organization?  How do you know?

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