Print Media is Our First Love

Print is where it all started for The Primm Company. We opened our doors over 40 years ago, and we’ve been creating high-quality print ads ever since. Even before The Primm Company existed, our founder, Ron Primm, began his career as a popular illustrator for the Virginian-Pilot newspaper. Trust us. We’re really good at this.

At The Primm Company, we get to know you, your company, your market, your corporate “personality,” and consumer benefits before we formulate creative concepts. There’s not a “Primm style” as a result – what we do is a direct reflection of who you are.

Our designs are built from the ground up with your product, brand, and customer in mind. With striking visual elements, compelling copy points, and well-researched placements we know that we can leave your customer with a lasting impression of your company because we’ve done it time and time again for years.

A Difference You can See and Feel

Looking pretty is only half the battle. The materials we work with are held to a high standard and have to look and feel great. Your professionally crafted brochure, billboard, or menu is made with the right materials so that they stand up to the test of time aesthetically and physically.

Additionally, our experienced copywriters work to ensure the messaging resonates with the audience and makes a lasting impression. We also take great care in placing your ads, always working to target the right people in the right place.

Some of Our Print Media Toolset Includes

Consistency is Key

Through our themes in both content and design, we convey a consistent message in your print ads, making you recognizable and familiar to your audience. But we don’t stop there, when you work with The Primm Company you have the luxury of keeping all marketing materials in one place. The team that handles your print advertising will work with the digital, video production, and web development team to ensure that your business presents a consistent and compelling look wherever you encounter your customer.

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