Mobile SEO/Compatibility and Your Company

Search Engine Optimization is a big thing that we preach at the Primm Company, but did you know that it is not just for your laptop or desktop computer?

Think about it, if someone is searching for something on their phone, there is more than likely a strong motive or intent to find something then and there at that moment. So make sure you are set up to take advantage of these everyday opportunities.

When someone searches something from their cell phone, they are not bound to a computer. They can roam the world and search for anything on a whim. Taking advantage of mobile search could help lead to increased impulse buys or need/want purchases for potential consumers when they search for your company. And this in turn leads to potentially more sales for your business.

Before you go off and tear into your SEO strategy, consider this: Do you need to revamp your site to make it more user-friendly on a mobile device? Do you need a separate site for just mobile phones? Or can you leave your site the same as it is now? These questions must be answered! A site that isn’t user-friendly but offers good information is useless in most cases, especially when a searcher has a four- inch screen to navigate your website.

So consider these things when thinking mobile. Give The Primm Company a call at 757-623-6234, and we’ll help you make the right moves.

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