Television Still Makes an Impact.

While social media is the hot new thing, television has stood the test of time. In America, 99% of households have at least one television, but only around 70% of Americans have a computer at home.

The barriers to entry may seem high with television, but the rewards are well worth it. Television ads allow the audience to learn about the product through sight, sound and motion. Plus, we can take full advantages of the nuances of the spoken word (tone, inflection, accent, etc.). When done well, this makes your company more appealing to consumers. The more senses you reach in a positive manner, the more chances you have to deliver your message.

Television commercials play to a wider audience than radio or print ads; television is the number one media channel in America. In 2010, the average American spent 4.5 hours a day watching television, but only 96 minutes listening to the radio and 30 minutes reading the newspaper.

All companies want to gain attention from potential consumers, and television does this. Television users are more alert than most other media users, which means your ad is more likely to grab their attention, and keep it.

If you are interested in advertising on television, The Primm Company will help you from concept to production to media scheduling. If you’re ready to take advantage of the number one attention grabbing tool for companies the right way, give us a call.


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