Is Your Web Site Your Worst Employee?

Too often web sites are low on the priority list, if they make the list at all. It’s easy to treat web updates as “nice to have,” or push managing the site to the end of the day, and then to the next day. Before long, the site is outdated, has wrong information and doesn’t effectively represent your company or organization.

Here’s a tip – treat your web site like an employee. You wouldn’t allow an employee to give out incorrect information or announce an event that already passed, so don’t let your web site do that either. After all, for many people, your web site is the first “employee” they will meet.

Make your web site your top employee by giving it regularly scheduled performance reviews, making sure web updates are an item on your meeting agendas, and keeping it current with new photos and similar updates on a regular schedule. Your web site is working for you 24×7 – make sure it’s communicating the right messages, the right way.

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