Effort: The Secret to Branding Success

When most people think of the term “branding,” companies like Apple, Ford, Polo, and Nike come to mind. But branding isn’t just for multi-billion dollar companies. Any company can set themselves up for branding success; it just takes a little effort.

The first issue most small companies face is of cost. While, yes, Nike does spend what seems like a trillion dollars on advertising, a small business can create a branding campaign that will produce results for a very reasonable price.

Secondly, branding is about consistency; but that does not mean you have to be boring. Consistency means delivering the same message to the public until it sticks. Apple, for example, ran the “Mac vs. PC” campaign for some time. While all these ads had the same message, it was almost always a different topic in each spot.

This applies to all forms of advertising your company uses; everything from social media to television ads need to have the same level of consistency. The easiest way to be consistent is to know your target audience. Without knowing this, you are speaking to everyone and your message will not convey its purpose. For instance, do not advertise children’s toys on a late night television talk show. Rather, advertise during Saturday morning cartoons or in the afternoon when children are coming home from school. If your potential customers don’t see your ad, what good is it?

Finally, the brand you and your company are trying to convey needs to be portrayed by your employees as well, so that customers can see that you really are what you are declaring yourself to be.

By doing these few things, you and your company are on the right track to building brand awareness.
Over time, properly executed branding campaigns produce long-lasting results.

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