The Power of Broadcast Media


The advent of Internet marketing, social media and instant streaming of music and video has caused some people to question the relevance of traditional broadcast marketing via radio and television. Is it still effective or are companies who choose to advertise on radio and TV speaking to an empty room? Read on.

Recently, a client came to us needing to promote a highly specific campaign with a direct call to action that required a prompt response on the part of their target audience. We knew what to do. Along with promoting said campaign on the web and social media, Primm launched a robust PR effort that led to our client receiving prime local radio and television airtime. The results were astounding.

Even though the radio and TV pushes happened toward the end of the two-month campaign, they prompted a full 42% of all responses. The volume of responses and the speed at which they came demonstrated something Primm already knew: Broadcast media works.

Along with strategizing based on a well-researched understanding of the media habits of the target market, Primm provided the client with detailed talking points for each broadcast engagement that allowed the client representative to communicate the message quickly, but without stress or confusion. Accordingly, as part of our commitment to a holistic PR partnership, a Primm team member accompanied the client representative during shooting and recording to guide, assist and help keep things running smoothly.

With meticulous media planning, focused engagement with the client and of course the magic of radio and TV, our client got the results they needed and more…in minutes.

Do you think your next campaign might be suited for advertising on radio and television? Do you need a trustworthy and savvy PR firm? The expert team at Primm is ready and waiting to give you solutions. Call or contact us today.

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