Print Advertising. Alive and Well.

Print AdWhen considering your company’s marketing strategy, you will be faced with naysayers who will tell you that print advertisements aren’t worth the money in light of the low-cost immediacy of marketing via the Internet and social media.

Here at Primm, we believe that a person who says, “Print media is dead!” simply isn’t looking closely enough. Print advertising executed the right way offers a number of great advantages over solely Internet-based marketing:

Solidifying Branding: When conceptualizing and reinforcing your company’s brand, it is vital that you establish font, color, and style continuity in a wide range of areas. Because they are tangible rather than digital, print ads are a first-rate medium for bolstering brand recognition and credibility.

Tangibility: While an Internet ad might eventually get lost in the annals of cyberspace, a print advertisement is a physical advocate for your business that can remain in homes and offices for weeks, months, and even years. The concreteness of print advertising speaks volumes to a company’s legitimacy and ingenuity.

Credibility: The Internet is saturated with ads. On every banner and sidebar people are bombarded with advertising. Often, legitimate ads are side by side with offers to “Click here and win a FREE iPad!” which may make users wary of clicking anything at all. There is no risk associated with reading a print ad, and with it, your potential customers are more likely to pay meaningful attention to what you are offering.

Reaching Specific Target Audiences: You can attempt to reach a certain demographic exclusively on the Internet by way of targeted pay per click advertising and cleverly placed ads on niche blogs and web pages, but you still may not be meeting your potential customers where they are. Placing print ads in specialty magazines and newspapers is an effective way to reach those people who are less tied to the Internet or don’t depend on it for goods and services.

The Open Space Advantage: The reality is that fewer companies are relying on print media as an element of their marketing strategy, which means that publications are less crowded with ads. Give your business the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by placing ads in these print publications. Additionally, in an effort to fill empty ad space, many newspapers and magazines offer cheap rates for advertisers, so you will likely be paying less for a very worth-it return!

Yes, a savvy and robust Internet marketing campaign is essential to a company’s revenue flow, but the integration of print media and advertising is also invaluable. A successful marketing strategy is built on a highly recognizable brand and balanced presence across a variety of productive advertising channels. If you need help with any of these elements, call The Primm Company at 757-623-6234 today.


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