Creating a Brand Identity for Mission Mobility

An effective brand identity is more than just a font and shapes. Branding encompasses virtually everything a company does: how it sees itself, what it communicates, and how it is presented to the public. At its best, branding creates a better company by identifying and reflecting the company’s best vision of itself.

The team at Mission Mobility came to The Primm Company for a new brand identity. They were frustrated with the efforts of their current advertising company, and felt their opinions and suggestions weren’t being considered. Faced with a tight deadline to have the company ready for a trade show, they needed a quick solution. But they wanted it to be, without a doubt, the right solution.

The Primm Company held multiple meetings with the client and reviewed the entire product line to learn who Mission Mobility is, what they want to project, and what their future goals are. We learned about their likes and dislikes, the overall “feel” they were going for, and how they planned to use the branding images.

Our artists developed multiple ideas, which the Primm team reviewed internally and adjusted until we had two different concepts to present to the client. A few minor revisions later and the logo was finalized and everyone was happy.

We expanded the logo to a full brand identity concept, adapting it to several different identities the company needed, including those for brochures, newsletters, products, promotional items and apparel. We also created many collateral pieces, such as spec sheets, stationary and trade show displays.

If you’re interested in creating a brand identity, contact The Primm Company today at 757-623-6234.

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