The Many Varieties of Facebook Ads

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is expected to generate over $2 billion in revenue from display advertising in 2011 and is on track to be the top online display-ad selling company in the U.S., according to a new study by eMarketer.

Here are the 10 different types of Facebook ads available to marketers today.

1. Page Ads.
Page Ads are the most common ad type. Designed to drive fans to Facebook Pages by showing users which of their friends Likes the page. Users can Like a page directly from the ad.

Facebook Page Ad

2. Website Ads.
Clicking a website ad takes you to the advertiser’s landing page or website.

Facebook Website Ads

3. Event Ads
Event Ads are a great way to promote any event requiring an RSVP. Event ads are integrated with Facebook Events. When the RSVP is clicked, the event details are displayed (date, location, and number of Facebook users attending). The bottom of the ad will display the names of any Friends who have already RSVP’d “yes.” Also, clicking “yes” generates a newsfeed story for all the user’s friends to see.

Facebook Event Ads

4. Sponsored Stories
With sponsored stories, an advertiser pays to have user interactions with their brand (Likes, Check-ins) show up in the Sponsored section of the site.

Facebook Sponsored Stories Ad

5. Application Ads
Application ads allow Facebook application developers to drive more traffic their app when users click on the ad.

Facebook Application Ad

The following ad types (#6-10) can only be purchased through Facebook’s internal sales team and are reserved for qualified advertisers with monthly budgets over $30,000 USD.

6. Video Ads
Video ads allow advertisers to integrate video into an ad. The video ad can be played inline, where people can share comments and Like the video. When someone likes the video or enters a comment, a newsfeed story will be generated for their friends to see.

Facebook Video Ad

7. Comment Ads

Comment ads look like a conversation. With comment ads, the brand will make a statement or pose a question, and a comment box is available so the user can enter a response. When users respond to the question, the exchange shows up as a part of their newsfeed for all their friends to see.

Facebook Comment Ad

8. Polling Ads
Polling ads let advertisers start conversations by conducting polls. People who respond can see how others voted. When a user engages with the ad, the poll story can appear on the user’s wall and newsfeed.

Facebook Polling Ad

9. Gift Ads
Gift ads are used to drive visitors to pages within and outside of Facebook. It allows users to send a virtual (not real) gift to a friend within Facebook, along with a custom message. Messages are public and can appear on the user’s page, as well as in their friends’ newsfeeds.

Facebook Gift Ad

10. Hybrid Engagement Ads
Hybrid ads combine different ad types, such as a video ad with a polling ad, or a video ad with an event ad.

Facebook Hybrid Engagement Ad

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Source: “10 Facebook Ads Explained” by David Korr

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