Let’s Get Visual

We live in an increasingly visual culture. What with the booming popularity of social networking sites like Pinterest and photo-sharing mobile apps like Instagram, it seems that today’s consumers are more apt to pay attention to a story told in pictures than one told in words. This means that a company interested in keeping its online marketing strategy ahead of the curve must focus on integrating creative visual content into its marketing arsenal.

In the past, successful online content largely consisted of clever company blogs and insightful posts on a variety of social media channels. Visual content marketing doesn’t interfere with these aspects of a good strategy; it enhances them. Make sure that you have a blog on your website that can serve as the posting hub of both your visual and textual content, and establish and maintain a solid social media presence. From there, you are on your way to producing dynamic visual content that will keep potential customers sharing you with their friends and coming back for more!

Establishing a company presence on Pinterest and using infographics to get your point across are two great ways to promote exciting and highly shareable visual content. Here’s how:

Utilize Pinterest: Pinterest isn’t just a place where dreamers and do-it-yourselfers pin and repin photos of idyllic weddings and upcycled cheese graters. It’s also a great place for a business to expand its reach and drive traffic to its website with visuals. The key to being a successful business on Pinterest is to shy away from being brand-centric. Your boards and pins don’t have to reflect your product or service directly because avid “pinners” aren’t on Pinterest to shop; they are there to be inspired. Oreck (yep, the vacuum cleaner company) has done a fabulous job of translating their brand into a vibrant and popular Pinterest presence. They have a “furry friends” board that includes nothing but pins of cute animals…that shed. (See what they did there?)

Create and share infographics: A good infographic helps people understand a set of ideas or statistics in a way that promotes what one might call ‘visual thinking.’ Check out the one below from on the “Anatomy of Content Marketing.”

Infographic on Content Marketing

You can create an infographic for just about any concept suitable to the needs of your company using cool web-based software like Piktochart. Or you could share awesome infographics created by others like we did here, as long as you give them credit.

And hey, go ahead and post your infographic to your blog, share it on Facebook, and link your post to Pinterest. That’s substantial visual content right there!

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