E-Commerce Done Well

Jumps in visits
When ecommerce is done well, it can add significant value to the bottom line. The challenge is creating an online experience that drives traffic and builds customer loyalty.

One of The Primm Company clients is a luxury brand women’s clothing boutique with two locations in Virginia. The luxury brand has strict rules for online pricing, and discounted pricing is limited to three specific times each year, across all the brand’s retailers. As a result, competition is fierce, and excellent marketing is needed to stand out from the crowd.

The owner of the shop trusts Primm to get the best from day-to-day operations and at sale time.

Following our marketing strategy, the boutique uses a mix of social media channels to promote the clothing line and the sales. Fans know when the sale is coming, when it starts, and they’re excited. Even when there isn’t a sale, The Primm Company and the boutique staff promote the shop with PPC ads, a blog, the website, Facebook, Twitter and email blasts.

The shop is prohibited from revealing the sale prices ahead of time, but we found another way to build enthusiasm. We highlight the event on the website several days before the sale kicks off with a specific sale section for the items that will be discounted. Some shoppers will even fill their online shopping bags days ahead of time, just to come back at sale time and click “Purchase.”

In addition to online marketing, we manage the e-commerce site. During sale preparation, Primm helps adjust and update the long list of prices. We take away a lot of the work, so the staff can spend more time in the store with their shoppers, promoting the upcoming sale and up-selling.

The latest sale kicked off on Tuesday, August 21st. That day, the site visits for this small, local boutique were through the roof. The site, which gets an average of 250 visits per day, received 5,511 visits on Tuesday and generated more than $25,000 in sales on the first day. That’s about 20% of the shop’s online sales year-to-date!

It’s a perfect example of good marketing, good products, good price points and good e-commerce all coming together.

If you’d like a quality e-commerce solution for your company, call The Primm Company at 757-623-6234.

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