Branding a Lifestyle with Social Media

What do you get when you combine a pop punk band on a two-month long tour, delicious organic cheddar snacks, and Twitter? An awesome example of the right way to use social media, that’s what.

Earlier this week, a member of a band called On My Honor tweeted, “One van. Nine dudes. Two ladies. Infinite Cheddar Bunnies…” The “Cheddar Bunnies” to which he refers are a popular product of Annie’s Homegrown, Inc., an organic foods company out of California whose mission is, “to cultivate a healthier and happier world by spreading goodness through nourishing foods, honest words and conduct that is considerate and forever kind to the planet.” Living up to this mission valiantly, Annie’s social media manager(s) saw that On My Honor referenced their Cheddar Bunnies, and then this conversation ensued:

…and here’s the kicker:

(source: @wilddewjustice)

A quick look at Annie’s Twitter page reveals that they make a definite habit of interacting with their fans on a personal level. They live out their relational, community-oriented brand and stay true to their mission through social media. Take a cue from Annie’s Homegrown:

Remember that interaction is a two-way street. Too many brands post at their fans rather than to their fans. Is your strategy helping to foster more than a mere presence on social media? Is it facilitating a relationship with your followers?

Be vigilant. Did you notice that the member of On My Honor didn’t even tweet to Annie’s Homegrown initially? Annie’s team keeps a lookout for keywords and phrases that represent their brand on social media channels in general, rather than just in the context of direct communication from their followers. By doing this, they take more precise control over their brand image.

Try not to be totally brand-centric. Even if they LOVE what you sell, your followers can only handle so many posts solely about your product on social media. People obviously adore Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies (I know I do), but instead of shoving the bunnies down their followers’ proverbial throats, Annie’s takes a vested interest in the lifestyle their brand offers. It’s a smart move.

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